Jan. 8, 2020

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Societe Radio-Canada (CBC/Radio-Canada) are in the process of renewing their license with the Canadian government.

As apart of this process, the Canadian Radio-Televison and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is asking Canadians to share their thoughts on the CBC—after the broadcasters controversial management of the 2019 election, it is unclear whether Canadian attitudes have changed towards their state broadcaster.

Despite this, the CRTC have not marketed or distributed this opportunity for input in any meaningful way. The only traction the CRTC has had for this process came through Conservative MP, Michelle Rempel Garner, who tweeted “you get a chance to have a say. Make the time to do this and share this far and wide.”

The responses to this tweet were not positive for the state broadcaster. Conservative MP Peter Kent, for instance, declared that he would “re-mandate, re-size and de-commercialize” after saying that he was “exiled to Africa” due to his suggestions in another license renewal.

The former NHL player, Theo Fleury, was more terse—simply stating “see ya!!!!!!” amongst a panoply of #defundCBC hash tags.

CBC news was founded during World War Two, and has served as Canada’s public state broadcaster ever since. The CBC came under increased scrutiny in the most recent election, due to allegations of biased election coverage. It has also been alleged that the CBC politicizes its reporting.

Original Source: The Post Millennial