Alix Kazman

Agent  – Programming

The world of performance has always been close to my heart. After starring in many living room productions I set my plans firmly in place to be an actor.  I completed a B.A. in Theatre from Dalhousie University, however, by the time graduation came around…and a couple of mandatory stage makeup classes later…I switched gears to pursue a career as a professional makeup artist.  That wasn’t the right choice for me since I found out the hard way that I am allergic to makeup!  Wanting to stay in an artistic field I started working as an assistant in casting.  Casting was great but I knew I wanted to make the transition to the other side: working with actors.   For almost a year I learned the trade by assisting at the Messinger Talent agency.  Through fortuitous circumstances (long story, happy to tell it if you want to hear it), I have now made the transition to Fountainhead. I look forward to all that the future has in store with these incredible Fountainhead Team and actors.