Julie Lafontaine



I don’t know of any kid who dreams of being a talent agent when they grow up. Of course I was no exception. My dreams were to either become a tennis star, a marketing god or a circuit court judge. (Judge Julie…it’s got a familiar ring to it doesn’t it) I set out on the tennis thing at the tender age of seven and competed for a dozen years in juniors becoming one of Canada’s top players and eventually was awarded a scholarship to compete in Florida at the college level. I realized in my late teens that I was too many 6-0 away from reaching the top. So I moved on to the marketing god phase.

I came back to Canada and studied marketing at Concordia University in Montreal. Got my degree, worked in that field moving ever so slowly up the corporate ladder. Until I met my future husband while doing one of my lame promotions. Sparks flew (not for the reasons you’re thinking) and we decided to get married shortly after. While on honeymoon, he got a job offer to work in Hamilton. We were on the move. We loaded up the Jeep and we moved to Ontario. No swimming pools but lots of movie stars.

Through many quirky circumstances within months of moving, I had accepted a job as an agent. I worked at the Sloan Agency for eight years until deciding to go with the dream of having a place of my own. Fountainhead Talent was founded in 1999. Since then it has grown to be one of the strongest boutique talent agencies in Canada. It is the home for some of the finest actors and voice over artists in both English in and French. I am very proud of the agency, the work we accomplish and the team we have become.

I am still married to the same guy after since 1990(according to my friends that’s quite the achievement too especially if you know my husband). We are the proud owners of 3 psycho dogs and live part time on a hobby farm in nowhere Ontario.

Oh yeah, that circuit court judge thing…I think that’s for another life.