Roberta Romano

Roberta crop 800pxAgent / Manager – Voice

Deciding to become a voice agent is not something I ever imagined doing. Who really does? You can’t study it, you don’t aspire to it as a child, and certainly my parents would have had no knowledge of such a career choice for their wee one. But, sometimes opportunities present themselves and if you’re not paying attention, you’ll miss it. So an opportunity came along and it happened quite organically may I add. (Locally grown, no pesticides).
By organically, I mean that everything I had been doing was preparing me for where I would ultimately land. My degree in Communications, various industry gigs in Radio, TV, Film and then eight years in casting prepared me for where I sit today.
I’ve seen a lot and I’ve been fortunate to have had many strong and well respected mentors along the way. I know each stop in my journey has made me a bit wiser but I also realize that the learning never stops. Being challenged in this fast paced environment while being surrounded and supported with people I respect makes every day a great day.
I like coming to work. I enjoy the work I do. I like the people I work with and I have tremendous respect for the work our artists do. I think I’m pretty lucky. That voice agent thing, came along at the right time. Perfect storm? Dumb luck? Whatever it is, here I am.